What do you need for baby's first 3 months

What do you need for baby’s first 3 months?

You are overly happy that you will finally take care of the new member of the family. You wish to provide your newborn with every essential gear, but you are a bit overwhelmed with all that available stuff out there. If that is the case, then you should know that you are not alone. Every new mum and dad find themselves in a similar situation during the first months of their child’s life. So, what do you need for baby’s first 3 months?

Feeding Essentials

Breastfeeding is definitely the best option for the first months of the baby’s nutritional requirements. However, getting yourself a nursing pillow can really help you support both your baby and your body. A breast pump can also, be quite beneficial in case you have trouble breastfeeding. It can control the amount of milk the baby is getting and increase milk supply, as well. In most cases, you will have to acquire some Vitamin D drops, in order to guarantee your newborn’s proper growth and development.

Diapering Essentials

Undoubtedly, diapering essentials are among the very first things you should purchase for your baby. Diapers are the most used product during the first three months of your baby’s life. On average, during that period you will find yourself changing diapers up to 8-10 times per day. A soft, comfortable, absorbent and breathable diaper should be your first priority. Apart from disposable diapers, you could opt for cloth diapers, as well. They are more environmentally friendly and sometimes softer than disposable ones. However, they require daily washing and ironing.

Another item you should definitely acquire is a diaper pail. It is the easiest disposal system you can get and it is specifically designed to keep the smell inside. Choose one with a sufficient interior space to hold at least a week’s worth of diapers. In most cases, your newborn will need a diaper rash cream, as well. Although vaseline may be a good start, it may not be enough. Prefer some organic and soothing balm that will work well with the baby’s diapers.

Bathing Essentials

Bathing is something you will have to perform with care on a daily basis. For this reason, getting the best bathing equipment is vital for the hygiene of the baby and the comfort of the parent. Among the first things you need to consider is acquiring a bathtub. For the first three months of age, choose a suitable bathtub that will keep your baby secure and comfortable. Prefer one with a removable seat that will help your baby sit up unaided. You will also, need to get a small rinse cup. Babies detest having water thrown right on their faces, especially in their eyes. A good rinse cup with a spout to control water flow is the perfect solution.

Bath toys are another great addition to your baby’s bath. There is always the chance that your newborn does not really like bathing. Adding some type of toy will help your baby get lured into the tub and have a great time bathing. After the bath, a good idea is to keep your baby warm and happy with a soft hooded towel.

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Baby clothes

Zipper sleepers are definitely the most sought-after type of clothing for a newborn. They are convenient, easy-to-wear and they can be removed just by unzipping it all the way down. Be sure to get at least 5 to 6 zippers so that you can change and wash them on a daily basis. In addition, get a couple of undershirts and always choose those with wide head openings and snaps at the shoulders. Another type of clothing you should carefully purchase is a couple of sweaters for the coldest days. Make sure those clothes button in the front since babies spend most of their time lying down.

How about footwear? Well, for the first three months, your baby will not walk on its own. Therefore, there is no reason for you to spend a lot on purchasing different pairs of shoes. One to two is just great. Do not forget to get plenty of cotton socks, as well. When the baby is under 3 months, he cannot get any sunscreen. When you are going out on a sunny day, you should definitely put a baby hat and sunglasses on your baby to protect it from getting burned.

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Traveling Essentials

Purchasing a high-quality everyday stroller is among the first steps every new parent should focus on. For your own comfort, prefer a stroller equipped with all-terrain wheels, an adjustable handlebar, and a large lower basket. In most cases, the baby stroller will be used even when your baby gets a bit older just by switching out the bassinet with a toddler seat. If you are driving a car, you need to get a good infant car seat, as well. It will provide all the necessary security and comfort for your baby. However, if you live in a city where you do not use the car regularly, you could opt for the less expensive solution of purchasing a convertible car seat.

An essential item for every new parent is undoubtedly a baby carrier. Choose one with several wearing positions, including parent facing, on the back, or on the front that allows your baby to face outwards. The benefits of a baby carrier are various and they are not only great for the comfort of the parent. They also, support the baby’s natural shape position.

Playtime and baby nursery

An activity mat is usually the first type of playing equipment your baby will become familiar with. These mats are specifically designed to have some bright colors, various activities, and some fascinating toys. A good idea is to purchase some type of sensory toy for your newborn that will help in keeping him quiet when he is being fussy. During the first months of your baby’s life, it is vital that you have a baby monitor beside him at all times. When the baby is napping, you can go around doing your home’s tasks without the fear of something happening to your beloved infant without your taking notice.

Being a new parent is often associated with feelings of anxiety and worry. You wish to offer your newborn baby everything he is in need of and that is only natural. However, you should really know that you are not alone. Every new parent faces the exact same issues you are dealing with right now and tries to offer his baby a great time during his first months in the world. Having a general idea of the type of things both you and your baby are in need of right now can help you feel more relaxed and enjoy your time together as a family.

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