Snuza Vs Owlet - Best Baby Monitor

Snuza Vs Owlet – Best Baby Monitor (Updated)

There was a time when a baby monitor meant a cam and a monitor. We’ve come a long way since then. Wearable smart baby monitors aren’t just a gimmick. They are highly functional pieces of technology that actually do the job. Speaking of baby monitors, choosing between Snuza and Owlet who are two of the most prolific baby monitor manufacturers, can be confusing.

Nothing beats Snuza Hero baby monitors, especially not Owlet. It’s super easy to use and is clinically certified by physicians. Plus, it is very effective against SIDS due to its unique automatic resuscitation feature. On top of that, it is very inexpensive, almost one-third the price of Owlet Smart Socks.

Don’t jump to conclusions just yet. There are plenty of aspects to look into before you make your decision. Both Snuza Hero and Owlet Smart Socks offer unique features that might come in handy, depending on your preference. In the rest of this article, I am going to analyze everything about these two to decide between Snuza Vs Owlet.

Snuza HeroSnuza Hero: A Silent GuardianSnuza Hero: A Silent Guardian
Owlet Smart Sock: A Smart Device for Your Little AngelOwlet Smart Sock: A Smart Device for Your Little AngelOwlet Smart Sock: A Smart Device for Your Little Angel

Snuza Hero: A Silent Guardian

Snuza Hero

Snuza has been successfully making top-notch baby care products since the company was founded. Its award-winning baby monitors do the job quite well.  Snuza claims its products to be highest rated on amazon, and it is not a bluff. Its wearable monitors are engineered using state-of-the-art technology. It’s an investment worth making.

These monitors are extremely lightweight to ensure your baby’s comfort. They do not require any configuration or setup. All you need to do is to attach it to your baby’s diaper and that’s it. This device is godsent for parents that aren’t tech-savvy. And the amount of reassurance these small devices can offer to those poor parents is immeasurable.

For example, breathing problems among infants are very common. It can appear without any premonition. First times parents pass sleepless nights worrying about this life-threatening condition. But with Snuza’s baby monitors, they can now sleep peacefully at night knowing their baby is safe

Snuza Hero has two different versions called Snuza HeroSE and the HeroMD. They call the Snuza HeroMD the apnoea monitor and the Snuza HeroSE the breathing motion monitor. While they are basically the same thing, the difference in naming is because of legal reasons. The Snuza HeroMD is medically certified in Europe and has no medical certification in the USA.

The Snuza HeroSE however has no medical certification in either region. Parents that are more worried about their babies breathing should buy the Snuza HeroMD version. Both Snuza monitors variants are surprisingly easier to operate than many of its competitors.

How Does it Work?

Although I called it a silent guardian, Snuza Hero is not so silent when it comes to protecting your baby. The main goal behind this wearable baby monitor is to ensure the safety of the baby while keeping the operations simple. The manufacturers wanted to mitigate the hardships of becoming parents for the first time, and they have achieved that gracefully.

Snuza Hero baby monitors are completely wireless. There are no wires to plug into some type of socket or something. Also, there are no sensor pads that need to be attached to your baby’s belly. The monitor alone works as a sensor. Once you attach it to your baby’s diaper, it starts doing its thing.

You might be wondering how long the batteries last since it’s wireless. Well, pretty long. There are no rechargeable batteries used for powering the monitor, instead standard replaceable CR2 batteries take place. They last for up to six months. You’ll just have to get new ones once they are drained. You can also use rechargeable CR2 batteries if you feel convenient.

There is no app support with Snuza Hero baby monitors. Many consumers paint it as a bad thing but it actually can be a blessing in disguise. Due to the absence of any app support, it is free from any interference that might trigger false alarms or work as a hindrance for the safety alarms.

Speaking of safety alarms, this device utilizes plenty of them. Its cutting-edge sensors continuously monitor your baby’s breathing activity judging from abdominal movement.  if your baby stops breathing, it will start resuscitating your baby after 15 seconds by gentle vibration. If the baby doesn’t start breathing after 5 seconds, it will sound a safety alarm.

The alarm is quite loud. You can hear them across rooms so don’t worry about that. Early actions can prevent dreadful conditions, and this device is aimed exactly towards that.


Snuza Hero is packed with features. Let’s have a glance at them:

Automatic-resuscitation: Its self-resuscitation feature is one of a kind. Before you attend your baby for any emergency, the Snuza Hero takes matters into its own hands. After 15 seconds of no breathing movement, Snuza Hero starts vibrating in an attempt to revive your baby. After 5 seconds more, it will start a loud alarm, alerting you that something is wrong with your baby.

Audible Tick Settings: The audible tick setting works in unison with your baby’s breathing pattern. Every time your baby breaths, the Snuza Hero shall produce a ‘tick’ sound. So you know all the time when your baby is breathing and not breathing. There is an LED that blinks along with the ticking sound which is very helpful during nighttime.

Medically Certified: Snuza HeroMD has undergone rigorous testing under expert supervision. The testing parameters were strict and precise, which is why it boasts to be medically proven to prevent SIDS. Note that only the Snuza HeroMD version is medically certified. It is recommended by the Lullaby Trust, the leading researcher for SIDS prevention.

Wireless and Mobile: Snuza Hero is totally wireless and very lightweight (only 18 grams). You can attach it to your baby’s nappy and he won’t feel a thing. To ensure no wiring, they opted to not include any rechargeable batteries. The included batteries last up to 6 months. You can just buy another pair of CR2 batteries once they run out of power.

Medical Grade Product: It is manufactured with top-quality components. Nothing comes first before your baby’s health. Low-quality components can harm your baby’s skin and overall health. It is produced from medical-grade plastic and silicone. There is no hint of phthalate, lead, and latex to ensure the utmost safety of your child.

Affordable: Snuza Hero doesn’t boast a 300-dollar price tag, unlike its competitors. Its price is 100 dollars, making it very affordable. Being a new parent takes a heavy toll on your bank balance. Snuza Hero tries to ease that up as much as possible. Despite being a low price, it offers lots of convenient features unlike those of its rivals, which is amazing.

Snuza Vs Owlet - Best Baby Monitor (Updated)
  • Medically certified to prevent SIDS
  • Completely wireless and lightweight
  • Also monitors abdominal movement
  • Audible features ensure that your baby is breathing
  • Medical grade product
  • Volume can be controlled
  • LED for night times
  • Auto-resuscitation by a gentle vibration
  • Clinically proven to prevent Apnoea
  • Recommended by the Lullaby Trust in the UK
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
Snuza Vs Owlet - Best Baby Monitor (Updated)
  • No app support.
  • No chance of data collection for further evaluation.
  • Some consumers complain of false alarms.
  • The battery dies before the expected time.
  • Snuza Hero is not suitable for co-sleeping.

Owlet Smart Sock: A Smart Device for Your Little Angel

Owlet Smart Sock

Owlet is the industry-leading baby care product manufacturer. Despite entering the wearable baby monitor scene 6 years after its rival Snuza, Owlet is going strong. Their smart sock is an exceptional invention that has revolutionized the concept of wearable baby monitors. It looks just like a regular sock that your baby can wear all the time.

Just put it on your baby’s feet just like regular socks and forget that it exists. It is very comfortable and each package contains 3 different sizes of socks. You can choose any as your baby grows up. For first-time parents, this smart sock is a lifesaver. Mothers can now sleep-in peace after a hectic day with their babies.

Owlet smart sock is one of the most technologically advanced baby monitors out there. Its seamless integration with app and cloud synchronization makes it easy to get valuable data and monitor your baby on the go, even if you are at a distance. Having an Owlet Smart Sock ensures your baby’s safety and gives you a sound mind.

Owlet has three variants of smart socks. These are Owlet Smart Sock, Owlet Smart Sock 2, and Owlet Smart Sock Monitor Duo. While the first two are the same except for the Bluetooth range, the third one offers something more with an expensive price tag. The monitor duo comes with a cam that you can place right above your baby’s crib.

Thus, you can visually monitor your baby all the while getting vital parameter readings on your smart device. The manufacturers also offer a full refund if returned within 30-days. You know your investment is safe.

How Does it Work?

Owlet smart sock works quite differently than Snuza. It is basically a portable pulse-oximeter. The ones that we use in hospitals are worn in index fingers. This smart sock, you’ve guessed it right, is worn like traditional socks. It non-stop monitors your baby’s oxygen level and heart rate, two of the most important vital parameters.

It has cloud integration which means it sends the gathered data to cloud servers, instead of directly sending it to your smart device. This is particularly helpful if you use multiple devices like phones, tabs, laptops, etc. You can monitor the data from all of your devices. You won’t have to be stuck with your phone all the time.

Owlet smart sock comes with a base station. The station is a LED indicator. The LED’s are bigger and noticeable from a distance. The base station is flat and round, the LED surrounds the periphery. There are four colors ranging from ‘your baby is okay’ to ‘check on your baby right now.

The sock buzzes alarm if the oxygen level and heart rate go critically low. However, the measurement of ‘critically low’ is controversial in this device. Some say the default values are set way below what is considered critical in medical science. So, tweaking the settings is recommended.


Owlet smart sock doesn’t disappoint either when it comes to features. Let’s take a look:

App Connectivity: The Owlet smart sock has an integrated app for both android and iOS devices. You can check real-time stats of your baby’s health from a distance. You won’t have to stick close to your baby all the time or keep a prying ear to hear alarm sounds. It lets you focus on other chores while attending to your baby at the same time.

Simultaneous Monitoring of Heart Rate and Oxygen: The Owlet smart sock baby monitor does not monitor breathing, but that doesn’t make it any less competent. It continuously monitors your baby’s heart rate and oxygen level, two of the most important vital parameters of a newborn. It is basically a portable pulse-oximeter that you can carry with you all the time.

Base Station: App connectivity might not seem much handy because you’ll have to keep your eyes on your phone all the time. The base station is here to relieve that problem. It’s a disk-shaped device with LEDs around the periphery. It displays four different colors to alert you of various scenarios.

The light green color indicates that everything is okay with your baby. If the sock is displaced, a yellow color shall appear. Light blue means the device is disconnected and bright red LED tells you to check on your baby right then.

Real-time Data Collection: The app integrity not only allows you to check on your baby from a distance but is also helpful to collect all the necessary data about your baby. The sock monitors total hours of sleep, number of wakes, quality of sleep, etc. This helps you analyze your baby’s sleeping patterns and pinpoint any problem associated with sleep if any.

Cloud Synchronization: Owlet’s app is synchronized with the cloud. It doesn’t directly connect with a particular device. Rather it synchronizes with the cloud and then connects with the designated devices. It allows the app to run on multiple devices instead of one. It’s very useful if you use multiple devices like mobile phones, tabs, PC, etc.

Comfortable and Convenient: The Owlet sock is very comfortable to wear. It doesn’t feel any different from traditional socks. They are washable and regular hand-wash is recommended. Its battery runs for 16 hours and gets fully charged in 90 minutes. It is free from lead and latex, ensuring the highest of safeties for your baby.

Snuza Vs Owlet - Best Baby Monitor (Updated)
  • Smartphone apps are available for both iOS and Android devices
  • Cloud synchronization allows monitoring from any device
  • Colorful LED for quick navigation
  • Data analysis like sleep pattern, sleep length, etc.
  • Owlet monitor duo comes with a cam and smart sock 3 at an attractive price
  • 30-day return policy
Snuza Vs Owlet - Best Baby Monitor (Updated)
  • The app is buggy
  • The Owlet servers are often down
  • The default settings are faulty
  • The baby’s movement causes the data to be disrupted
  • The base cannot connect to the guest Wi-Fi network
  • Ridiculously expensive

Head-to-Head Comparison

Now that we know all the features, pros, cons, etc. About both products, let’s do a head-to-head comparison to figure out a winner:

Features Snuza Hero Owlet Smart Sock
Automatic Resuscitation
Danger Alarm
Smartphone App
Cloud Sync
Base Station
SIDS Prevention
Data Collection and Analysis
Ease of Use
Clinically Certified
Difficulty to Attach
Snuza HeroSnuza Hero: A Silent GuardianSnuza Hero: A Silent Guardian
Owlet Smart Sock: A Smart Device for Your Little AngelOwlet Smart Sock: A Smart Device for Your Little AngelOwlet Smart Sock: A Smart Device for Your Little Angel

Final Verdict

My winner is Snuza Hero baby monitors. I am going to be straightforward and there is no reason not to. Owlet Smart Socks are also very good, there’s no denying it. But what sets the Snuza Hero apart is its price tag and simplicity. It’s ready for use out of the box. All you need to do is to attach it with your baby’s diaper.

Although it lacks features like app connectivity and data gathering, it has other features that are far more important and convenient. The auto resuscitation feature can prove to be lifesaving without you even knowing. Plus, the Snuza HeroMD is certified by qualified physicians which give you peace of mind.


Choosing the right baby monitor can be confusing. But when Snuza is on the list, confusion should be scraped off. The best part of it is its ease of use. It’s plug and play, nothing else. Anyone with little tech knowledge can use them. The simplistic design and the manufacturers’ attempt to get rid of anything excessive is truly admirable.

In this article, I have dissected every aspect of these two products. I talked about their unique features and how they may be useful to you. I also added pros and cons with any difficulty that you may come across. Although I suggested Snuza Hero as the better one, after going through this article, you should be able to choose between Snuza Vs Owlet, whichever is the best for you.

Snuza Vs Owlet.

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