12 ideas how to Tell Your Husband You're Pregnant

Tell Your Husband You’re Pregnant: 12 Creative Ways

Congratulations on your new pregnancy! Whether it’s your first, second, or fifth, it’s such an exciting time in your life and I’m sure you’re just itching to tell your husband the great news. But hold that thought for an extra few hours because we can really make this fun and exciting!

We know you want to make this experience memorable for you and your husband, and you’re looking for the best way to tell him you’re pregnant. So we have compiled a long list of creative and FUN ways to tell him you’re having a baby! We did all the thinking for you so you don’t have to. These pregnancy reveal ideas will get your husband exhilarated about gaining a new edition to the family!

1. Tell Him With a Book

The Ultimate Dad Joke Book

There are so many fun books out there for Dads and new Dads, such as The Ultimate Dad Joke Book and We’re Parents! The New Dad’s Guide to Baby’s First Year. Wrap a Dad book and watch as he unwraps it and becomes very confused until he finally puts two-and-two together!

2. Wrap the Confirmed Pregnancy Test

Wrap your test and put it somewhere he will find it fast, like his side of the bed or on the bathroom sink.

3. Buy Diapers

This creative and fun idea is perfect for couples who like a little attention every once and a while. Take your husband to your local grocery store for “groceries” and then make a pit stop in the baby aisle. Walk to the diapers and say “we’re going to need these,” and watch the confusion on his face as he figures out what you mean.

4. Message in a Bottle

Write a short note saying “You’re going to be a Daddy!” or “We’re pregnant!” and put it in an empty bottle. Place it somewhere he will easily see it. Your husband will really enjoy this pregnancy reveal because it’s extremely creative and different!

5. Belly Note

Write “Baby Loading…” or “There’s a bun in the oven” on your stomach and then ask your husband to check a mole or bruise on your belly.

6. Have Your Pet Tell Him

Attach an “I’m pregnant” letter to your pet’s collar and wait for your husband to discover the note. This idea is super fun and is a great way to include your furry family.

7. Sports Onesie

If your husband is a sports fanatic and has a favorite sports team, get your hands on a newborn onesie of his team. Wrap the onesie and watch his face as he figures out that he’s going to be a Dad!

8. Breakfast Reveal

Make his favorite breakfast (this works best with pancakes, waffles, or french toast) and write “We’re Pregnant” on the food with chocolate or strawberry syrup. If you’re feeling extra creative, cut his food into small pieces, and write the reveal with his breakfast! He will love the time you took to create this reveal!

9. Coffee Mug Reveal

Write “we’re pregnant” or “good morning dad” at the bottom of his coffee cup (in sharpie or permanent marker of course!). Pour him a cup of coffee and wait for him to finish his drink to see if he catches on or not. I bet you he will see the note as he’s gulping down his last sip of coffee!

10. Send Him to Work With a Note

Sneak a “You’re going to be a Dad!” note in his wallet or coat pocket. Wait a few hours to see if he finds it on his own. If he doesn’t notice it, send him a text telling him to check his pocket or wallet and wait for his response!

11. Book a Surprise Photo Shoot

Tell your partner you are going to a couple’s photoshoot and secretly bring along a chalkboard or poster that says “you’re going to be a daddy.” When he has his back turned, pull the sign out, and tell him to turn around. Make sure your photographer knows what you’re up to so she can catch his reaction on camera!

12. Leave the Positive Pregnancy Test in Plain Sight

Put your pregnancy test somewhere in your house where your husband is known to frequent multiple times a day (a kitchen cabinet, inside the fridge, his desk, or even on the coffee table). Watch as he looks right past it and secretly giggle as he takes a while to notice it. He will see it eventually, but if he’s taking too long, start shouting out “hot” and “cold” to get him going in the right direction!

No matter which idea you choose, it will be the best way to tell your husband and he will love and cherish the memory you created for him. Have a creative idea we haven’t mentioned? Let us know!


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