10 Hilarious Things You Learn When You Become a Parent

Having a baby is sure to turn your entire world completely upside down. While a little one brings extraordinary joy, let’s face it, things never remain the same once they are born.

However, there is nothing other than the actual experience that can prepare you for parenthood. Sure, parenting classes, getting advice and reading books can help, but nothing truly helps you prepare for how much your life is going to be affected by the little pocket of sunshine that has entered your life.

Endless diaper changes, continuous feedings and sleepless nights are just a few initial challenges that come with being a parent. However, one thing that might come as a surprise to you is that when you become a parent, fulfilling basic responsibilities won’t seem like much of a hassle to you and you will be happy to be completely consumed by the tiny addition to your family.

Being a parent will be a constant learning process for you. While some lessons might not be as fun, others will be quite amusing and oftentimes, hilarious! Here are some of our favorite picks of things you learn when you become a parent:

You’ll Never Poop Alone Again

As a parent-to-be, you need to enjoy your solo toilet time while you can. There is nothing you will be able to do to get this time back. Even when your kid is completely entertained or playing with your spouse and you quietly sneak upstairs, in seconds your kid will most probably be standing in front you wanting to be on your lap.

Yes, your dignity will have to go out the window as every time you try to go for a pooping session, you will be followed. Don’t think for a second that locking the door will be an option as they will just stand outside the door and bang, cry and scream until you give in!

Become a Parent

Cute little girl playing with watercolors at home

There Will Always Be Pen Marks on Your Child’s Hands

Like any other kid, yours is also likely to get hold of a ballpoint pen and decide to scribble all over their hands, or worse, their face, all the time! No matter how many times you wash their hands or bathe them, felt tip marks will simply appear on their tiny fingers over and over and over again.

You Will Become an Expert at Multitasking

Parental survival greatly depends on multitasking. One minute you may be feeding breakfast to your kid, and the next minute you might find yourself doing the dishes, chopping vegetables and washing clothes! Parents become experts at getting more done in less time. While multitasking becomes a necessity at times, as a parent you need to remember to set everything else aside to spend some special quality time with your child.

You’ll Have to Make Your Peace with Baby Shark (Doo Doo Doo Doo—We Know You Are Singing It!)

There comes a time in our lives when we hate listening to some particularly popular children’s tune, because it makes our ears bleed. However, as a parent, you are likely to start actually enjoying those tunes, and your colleagues might even catch you singing them out loud at work!

Sleeping kid

You’ll Never Sleep for Eight Hours Straight

Catching some z’s will become more difficult than ever. One could claim that parents are a part of a scientific research program to prove that sleep is not a crucial necessity of human life! One good approach to stop feeling like a zombie after your baby arrives is trying to sleep when the baby sleeps. Even small naps every now and then can help you feel happier and more alert.

Your Tea and Coffee Will Always Be Cold

One unproductive task that you might have to perform repeatedly as a parent is to keep running back to the microwave to heat up your tea or coffee. Along with me time, teatime will also become a rare blessing!

Your Face Will Be Covered with Slobbery Kisses

When your baby is little, you might be always nibbling and kissing on their little toes and fingers. However, when your little angle starts using their mouth and exploring this beautiful world, you are most likely to get your entire face covered with slobbery kisses and love that will not only have you reaching for a towel, but will also melt your heart!

Your Carpet Will Always Be Stained. Become a Parent 

While there are a lot of joys that come with having kids, not all moments are quite as magical. Younger kids tend to leave a mess everywhere they go. You will need to be prepared for your carpet to always have some sort of stain on it. Remember, kids will be kids! It’s best to learn some home remedies to clean various types of stains that you are likely to encounter.

Dad and daughter

Your Priorities Will Change

Do you constantly worry about keeping your house clean or about missing your favorite TV show? You might even try cleaning your house every alternate day or clearing out your schedule to watch those shows. However, after your little one arrives, your priorities will change drastically! You would much rather snuggle with them and watch cartoons than spend time scrubbing the kitchen counters clean!

Baby Talk Will Become Your First Language

Not only will you become fond of playing peek-a-boo with your baby, but baby talk will also become your first language. When your baby happily gurgles, babbles and coos, you will make similar sounds right along with them. Baby talk isn’t just fun, it is also crucial for the baby’s development!

We hope that with all our aforementioned favorite picks of things you learn when you become a parent, you found something worth your while! As a parent, you might start experiencing things that you never thought you would in a hundred years. However, you are likely to love the entire process, and that’s the beauty of this miracle!become-a-parent

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