must-have baby items

What are must-have baby items?

Let us face it, preparing for the baby’s’ arrival can be very intense but an exciting situation but guess what, so is the situation where you need to go out and shop for your sweet little baby.

When it comes to making a list of baby must-have items, you need to be very careful in your choices so that your cute tiny baby does not get any discomfort and cry in the middle of the night or even during the day.

So, in an attempt to help you and save your precious time we decided to research and find out what are must-have baby items and present all the information to you on this page. For your convenience, we have divided the items into different sections.

We suggest you read on to show your utmost love to your baby child.

Must have baby items

Must-have baby items for baby nursery

Making a checklist of baby nursery essentials can be overwhelming work because there are many items that can be included in the list. The list may partially depend on your personal preference too, but there are some items that every parent should hunt for.

  • Crib – This is the bed of your baby where he/she can sleep soundly. Make sure the quality of the crib is sturdy. Avoid drop-side crib!
  • Bedding – This includes your baby’s bedsheet, pillow, pads, crib skirts, and blankets.
  • Dresser – This is another crucial item on the checklist. A dresser must have at least 3-4 compartments to store baby’s clothes.
  • Changing table – A stationary table in the nursery will help you to change the baby’s diaper. It should also have some space where you can store diapers, wipes, ointment, etc.
  • Baby Mobiles – A baby mobile attached to the crib can help your baby to sleep well and get entertained when he/she is awake and you are not around.
  • A comfortable rocking chair – Another essential on this list for both baby and parent. Babies love rocking motion, you can sit on the chair while feeding or when you want to make your baby go asleep.
  • Monitor device – The constant visual and audio contact with your baby will help you discover the latest updates from your little one. This also gives the parent relief and a sense of security even if they are not physically present in the nursery. (MUST HAVE!)
  • Night Light – Normal lights can disturb your baby during the night, a nigh-light will help to lower the hard lights which will allow you to check the baby on the monitor.
  • Clothes Hamper – Another crucial item that you must-have in the nursery.

Must-have items for baby wardrobe

Here below are some wardrobes essentials for baby:

  • Kimono Tops – These are very cute looking and super loose T-shirts that won’t create sensitivity due to body contact. Plus, they can be worn as a mid-layer or a top.
  • Bodysuits – Onesies or bodysuits covers the torso and leg of your baby and is a versatile option that you must have in different sizes and patterns.
  • Hats – Especially beanie hats! This is a very essential item that must-have for your baby even during summer seasons.
  • Socks – The list would be incomplete without baby socks. TIP: Bring home several packs of socks having similar color or design, you know, in case of emergencies if one gets lost.
  • Rompers – One-piece or rompers covers the torso and the bottom. The crotch of this piece comes with a snap allowing parents to change the diaper very easily.
  • Baby Sunglasses – Didn’t see that coming, right? Well, your baby’s eyes are much more sensitive than yours, meaning strong sun rays can harm your baby’s eyes if they are exposed.

Baby sunglasses will not only look super cool but will also come in aid. Choose a piece that offers a hundred percent UV protection.

  • Other essentials – Jackets, sweaters, pajamas, shirts, wearable blankets, gentle laundry soap, or detergent.

Must-have items for baby diapering

Here are some items that you must have for diapering:

  • Cloth Diaper – These are usable diapers made of soft natural fibers. (3 to 4 dozens)
  • Disposable Diaper – Bring home about 150 disposable diapers for the start or 2 weeks.
  • Diaper Pail – Container to store dirty cloth diaper before laundry.
  • Rash Cream – To prevent rashes that could be created by moisture after wearing a diaper.
  • Wipes – To clean the baby’s bottom without any irritation.
  • Other essentials – Burp Cloth, portable diaper changing pad, deodorizers.

Must-have items for bathing

Bathing your baby can be fun if you have the right gear and essentials. Here are some items you must have for baby bathing:

  • Bath Toys – It’s a sure thing that most babies in the world act like a cat when they get wet. So, in order to lure them and clean them up, bath toys can help you.
  • Bath Tub – Make sure the bathtub has a non-slippery surface and is not completely upright.
  • Other essentials
    • Washcloth
    • Gentle baby soap and shampoo
    • Bath thermometer
    • Rinse cup
    • Soft baby towel
    • Baby lotion

Must-have items for baby feeding

Here is a complete list of items that you must have for feeding your cute little baby:

  • Baby bottles and nipples (7-8) Bottle brush
  • Breast pump, nipple cream, storage bag for milk, nursing pad – (breastfeeding) 5-10 bibs 5-10 burp cloth
  • High chair Sterilizer Separate utensils for baby – small spoon, sipper, sturdy plates, and bowls.

Must-have items for baby health

You baby will require constant grooming and care in order to maintain proper health, that is why you need to know what gears and items you will need and are essential for baby’s health. Here is a list for your help:

  • Baby thermometer
  • Nasal bulb
  • Nasal saline drop
  • Antibacterial cream
  • Diaper cream
  • Safety nail clippers
  • Cradle cap brush
  • First aid kit

Final Words

Here was a detailed list of baby essentials. Sure there are tons of items that could be used by a parent for their babies and as mentioned before, it depends on personal parenting style too.

However, your baby will require some items that could keep him/her comfortable and healthy that is why we have created the list of essential items for your baby. First, try to focus on these items (also ask your doctors) and then bring home some extra items for recreational, safety, health, grooming, etc.

This is it, hope you enjoyed this article and have earned something new from this page.

Happy parenting!

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