Father’s Fashion trends in 2020

Like seasons, fashions run in a cycle, the father’s wear, which once was thought boring, is continuously in trends these days because of its vibrant and causal ideas. The origin of father’s fashion can be followed back a few years to the at once ubiquity of the new fathers channeling classic father’s fashion looks. On social media, people love it. The things once were boring now has become inspirational. When we talk about fathers fashion in 2020, here different styles from different times together and making them all work.

Father's Fashion trends

Upcoming Fashion Trends For 2020

Now a new fashion trend is sweeping social media; it will remind you of your father squinting at the camera in summer vacation. New fathers are channeling the classic father’s look, wearing outfits that consist of polo shirts and cargo shorts, tube socks, and white sneakers, resulting as a combination of humor and nostalgia. The fathers now who are new in their jobs being a father are copying their fathers. It has considered the best thing happening now in 2020 right now.

Dad Cap

Peak father style, the baseball caps, pure cotton twill get sported everywhere. Once they were logo-friendly and cheap, mainstay as streetwear. Now became a fashion must-have done. Different brands have created their version, some caps have embroidery with different logos, and some are simple.


Father’s Shirts

For this summer season, the hottest style is the dad shirt for no exception. No matter you own a classic one from Lacoste or a striped rugby version, something sweater-like and long-sleeved, try layering your polo under dress shirts, or you can style it with go-to shorts. These are best for the summer season. These are short-sleeved polo shirts of soft and breathable cotton. It is a perfect gift for fathers to be, new fathers and fathers day.

Patchwork Prints

From plaid to Versace-Esque designs, patchwork is something that looks great on everyone. If you are a father, wear a shirt with different style cutouts and contrasting color combinations with a white T-shirt to make your whole outfit pop. It is an easy way to pose a modern twist on traditional clothing, so try it once.

Relaxed Suiting

Wearing a formal outfit in a casual setting never looked so good, but now you can wear these relaxed and oversized suiting as a fashion. For a laid back feel, keep the blazer buttoned up and pair it with sneakers and a white T-shirt.


Oversized Blazers

By wearing oversized blazers, the model on the shoot will remind you 80s. Whether it is something of one color or a pinstripe, this the best way to put a retro spin over a modern outfit without looking extra formal. Select a fit that is a bit bigger than the regular fit or wear something massive. You can pair it with jeans or a funky bottom-down and a T-shirt.


Those who think that father fashion is an anti-fashion look, an oversized technical jacket adds an element of a trainspotter. You can wear it over everything from sportswear to tailoring, just like your father’s favorite coat. Brands are making tech jackets, which at first sight, feel old.

half-zip fleece

Half-Zip Fleece

At this time, when getting fleeced is a good thing. There is a toss-up between a mock turtleneck and half- zip fleece. But few fabrics are as fathers fashion friendly as a half-zip fleece. Due to this, on the racks at hiking stores, these fleece has languished unloved, which is a bad thing: these fleece are warm but not bulky, ideal for doubling as outerwear for those awkward in-between days and layering under a technical jacket in the winter season.

Cargo Pants

At first, these pants come across as laid-back and sporty first. But, as they look great with a puffer coat and chunky sneakers, they become a trend in 2020.


Father’s Jeans

It is time to let your lower limbs breathe, so bye-bye to spandex or cotton and skin-tight fit blends. Instead, denim, though you want to name it stonewashed, selvage, or raw, isn’t aiming to be anything special. Within certain boundaries, wider-cut jeans, flesh out this pattern from nineties trends to fathers fashion as ironic-leaning revival. Pleated trousers, which are loose and viable legwear options, are best in giving fathers vibes. Straight-legged, high-waisted jeans are surely combining the roominess of joggers and robustness of denim. These jeans provide an ability to squat or bend over as a plus, which is crucial with kids otherwise.



These flares helped the 70s to come back. These trousers with an exaggerated ankle and thin upper leg are sure to make an impact. These paints are in a trend to get a pair with a turtleneck or a slim-fitting shirt to emphasize the bell-bottom shape. For a more casual feel, they are following with an oversized T-shirt and hoodie.

Above Knee Shorts

In a pair of over the knee shorts, you can achieve the ultimate casual feel. They are best for the summer season as with these you can almost cover yourself and stay calm. They are available as bottoms with bright colors or a bold pattern. Fresh kicks and open shirts are best to complete this look.


Father’s Clunky Sneakers

Father’s style leaves its mark on footwear too. About sneakers, the pairs that father wore when he was in college are back in extreme force. Various brands are introducing the father’s style for how it can be worn with anything or for its ugliness. Some are adding clashing colors, distorting proportions of the 90s running shoes: Athletic shoes are only much comfortable for casual wear. For the summer season, the father’s fashion sneakers are a hundred percent uptick in stock, which once were a source to comfort your foot arch, now are in fashion trends, and the most top-rated search on the internet for footwear.


Ankle socks

If you have a longer pair of socks, its time to show off. They will add a retro vibe to your dressing. From underneath a pair of paints that get cropped, it’s fun to have them peek out.


Father’s Fashion Sunglasses

With these shield sunglasses, you can protect your eyes from the sun in a fresh way. They look like you have taken them straight out of Blade Runner. Sleek and futuristic, these sunglasses are the best accessories for this summer. For maximum impact, you can wear them oversized. For powerful punch, keep them colorful and small. Whether you choose something subtle or bright tones, the shades of these sunglasses will be your best way to complete any outfit.

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