Fashion Trends 2020

An Ultimate Guide on 10 Fashion Trends 2020

Are you looking for a wardrobe spice up? Are you a designer, and you are catching up on the new trends, or are you looking for what to be styling? You have just come to the right place. 2020 is another year, and the fashion world has not stopped. When it comes to fashion, trust me, you are either in the game or you are not. Some styles don’t go home with the season, but they are satisfying enough to last all year long, and some last for decades. Let’s look at some trends that are likely to serve this fashion year.

10 Fashion Trends 2020

Polka dots

Polka dots fashion is a positive trend that will always stick around, and 2020 is no different. If you would prefer patterns or prints which do not put too much on you out there, polka dots are a sure way to go, and you rest assured it’s a trend that’s not going home any time soon. Polka dots varying from the tie, shirts, blouses, or even tights will get your wardrobe set for the year. Getting yourself a polka-dotted relationship to match your son’s polka-dotted shirt will get you going, and it’s a positive trend.

Designers have brought a more streamlined look for the ladies. Dresses with the dots are bringing that 90’s. From maxi dresses with the quirky patterns to tank tops and skirts is likely to last all seasons.


Pieces of Denim have been there, and they are not leaving the fashion world this fashion year. We’ve seen boyfriend jeans replace skinny jeans and later being replaced by the ’90s skater jeans. This very much tells you that denim is not ready to give up its place in the fashion world. Not this year too. Have you seen the denim shorts because trust me, they will find their way to your wardrobe? The boot cut has found its way back and has come with a high waist classic look. This is most definitely going to last this year long.


Have you checked out the colored leather and how they have taken over the fashion world? Amazing colors as deep violet and blues of Sies Marjan took the spring with a boom. This is with no doubt lasting all seasons as colors varying from pastel will cover the spring, and jewel tones will cover the fall.

Leatherwear will last this year long. Have you seen how designers have done a great job working on the new leather look? You can now dress in leather wear not only for the cold season but also for all seasons. The leather has been made light enough to last even for the bright weather. Leather maxi skirts to leather blazers to trousers have proven that they are lasting all seasons all year.

boy in shorts


Shorts are likely to trend all seasons long. Wait, do I mean even the cold season, and are they wearable during the cold season? Definitely! Check out the Bermuda shorts, which you can wear during the cold season. New styles and designs with different lengths have got you going through all seasons all year long, not only this year but the years to come.

Half and half

Why wear a single color when you can wear two? Half and half have found its place in the fashion world, and it is likely staying over the seasons and varying from trench coats to shirts to cardigans to dresses to shoes in different styles, shapes, and designs. They will have you looking trendy all seasons, all year long.

Blazers and trench coats

Have you checked the oversized trench coats and blazers? These will not only spice up your closet but will last for years to come. Blazers will have you going big or going home. Designers have worked to come up with vast styles and warm blazers that will keep you warm even during the winter season. They are not leaving any time soon.

Knit dresses

Yes, knit dresses are here to stay. With different styles and designs, they are a choice all year long. Taking the form of maxi dresses, maxi miniskirts, and maxi skirts, they will have your wardrobe looking spectacular. They will suit all seasons, and they will have you looking trendy all year long.


This is aware that is here to stay. It’s a wear that is lasting all seasons and doesn’t be surprised by the “where did you get this from” all year long. Designers are coming up with new styles in terms of the patterns and unusual designs from skirts to dresses to tops. The pleats will fit all seasons, and it’s not leaving any time soon.



Square toe has found its way in the new trend. At first, the squared sandals found their way, and designers don’t seem to let this go. Designers are now working on making square-toed boots, which will last all seasons, from ankle boots to thigh boots.

happy kids


Designers have got ladies covered this year. Have you always disliked those small bags because they seriously won’t carry all your things? Hey, this fashion year has got you. Mega kits are here, and you can take your laptop, your lovely water bottle that you can’t help yourself but carry around, and other accessories, among other things in it.

Have you come across the day time clutch because this bag has stormed this year? It was previously most preferred for evenings, but now it has come in great styles from handle-less to handle-bearing to soft clutches. This bag is moving from formal wear to casual wear, and to mention, and it has vast, beautiful colors. This bag is lasting all seasons.

The cross body bags have gained their popularity, and they are lasting all seasons. They are super stylish too.

To conclude, this fashion year is a year where designers are taking us back in the days but keeping the fresh look, which is not only lasting this year-long but will keep your wardrobe updated.

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