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Daughter’s Fashion Trends 2020

Charm, coquetry, and color, these are the three elements that are never lacking in daughters fashion, and this 2020 will be no exception.


The flowers, the first warm rays of the sun, everything indicates that spring has arrived.

Seasons changes also lead to a wardrobe change and, when we talk about our daughters, means an almost total renovation of the wardrobe.

This year, daughters fashion is inspired by adventure, garments where girls and teenagers will feel comfortable thanks to the natural fabrics that are the essence of this season.

Renovated Navy

The navy style is a classic that is repeated year after year. In this 2020, the trio navy blue, white, and red does not disappear, but it does give up its leading role to give it to light blue and yellow, the colors of the clear sky, and the summer sun. The combination cannot be cooler.

Floral Pattern

Spring flowers jump from the field into children’s fashion. This print is one of the bets on children’s fashion spring-summer 2020. Large, small, with light or dark backgrounds, on shirts, dresses, pants. Flowers flood the wardrobes of the smallest, following the 2019 trend.

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Moles Continue

In addition to stripes and flowers, in the printed fabrics, we also see the classic moles that never seem to go out of style.

Keep Liking The Brightness

The glitter and sequins that have accompanied us so much in recent months do not disappear in summer clothing. Clearly, satin fabrics and glitter are no longer just for special occasions.

Ruffles Up And Down

If you are looking for fashionable dresses for your daughters, you will see that many carry a lot of ruffles (most finished in lace), either vertically in the bib area or horizontally throughout the skirt. That volume is also reflected in the bonbon skirts.

Very Short or Very Long

Continuing with the clothes for girls, we see that the dresses and shorts are very short. If you go for the length, most of the options will be in mono form.

Colors From Ivory to Red

As for the fashionable color, this year, there is something for everyone because, in the collections, we have seen garments of the most diverse shades: ivory, beige, camel, powder pink, salmon, light blue, yellow, red … But the balance may be tilting to give to the Coral Living as the winner color.

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Rich and Natural Fabrics

As far as fabrics are concerned, everyday life is dressed in cotton, whether in jeans, sweatshirts or T-shirts. Linen, muslin or organza are reserved for special occasions.

The transparencies (especially on the sleeves), the lace, the trimmings, and the embroidered bands add the chic touch to the spring-summer fashion 2020

Cowboy Style

We have already seen it in the autumn-winter season, and the trend continues. Denim is used for all kinds of garments: long pants, shorts, overalls, shirts, jackets, skirts, dresses … Any garment that can be made in denim can be found in stores.

To complete that cowboy look, you will find Texan style boots, belts, and hats.

Comfortable Shoes

Simplicity is left for footwear. Even with clothing, we see comfortable shoes that can be worn with a suit, dress, or shorts.


Temperatures begin to drop. So, you take out your daughters’ winter clothes, you try them on, and you find out what you were afraid of. They’re too small! Well, since you have to buy clothes, it is time to catch up with the fashion trends of 2020. For the fall-winter 2020 season, the trend is more inspired towards urban style.

Military Style

The military-style in both clothing and footwear is the latest. And yes, this trend is also for daughter fashion. But when we talk about military-style, we are not only referring to the color khaki green and the camouflage t-shirts and pants. You have pilot jackets, high boots with laces, and all kinds of accessories. The ideal is to combine a military-style garment with another basic, smooth one to avoid falling into excess. The colors that go best are white, beige, gray, yellow, ocher, or red. Pink also works very well with the military green.

girl in denim

Rock Style

Another trend in daughters fashion fall-winter 2020 is rock clothes. Tacks, tulle skirts, sweatshirts with messages, skulls, leather jackets with zippers … Your daughters will enjoy being a star of urban style.


The tartan and plaids return one more season. This year, the woodcutter style is combined with fabrics such as suede or corduroy. This print has jumped from clothing and has also crept into footwear.

Vivid Colors

Winter does not have to be synonymous with boring colors, especially when it comes to girls. The showcases are filled with fuchsias, oranges, blues, and reds in all its shades. Gray also makes room for itself in the smallest wardrobe.

Black color deserves special mention. A shade that we didn’t associate a priori with children’s clothing is entirely tropical in the fall-winter 2020 children’s fashion catalogs. Black is not limited only to boots and coats, but also reaches pants, blouses, bomber jackets, and sports shoes.

Futurist Coats

For daughters fashion, metallic shades, especially gold, also return for another year. Coats, jackets, and anoraks are brighter than ever. Almost all brands have a garment of these characteristics in their collections.

Reds, pinks and metallic grays compete with silver and gold to capture the attention of the most fashionable girls.

Shiny Shoes

Girls’ boots, sneakers, and shoes are full of glitter and metallic textures for everyday wear. Glitter is no longer just for special occasions.

Romantic Fabrics

The most romantic girls will be delighted because they will find a wide selection of tulles, lace, and garments with bows. Even the shoes for the little ones change the traditional laces by loops of the most diverse colors.

Classic Fabrics

Aside from the latest trends that fall-winter 2020 brings us, some fabrics continue to have their place in fashion. Knitted (especially combined with other fabrics), velvet, micro-cord, and cotton are used in dresses, skirts, pants, and jackets.

British-inspired garments and coats reminiscent of those of the 1950s also show through.

The Eternal Denim

Denim garments cannot be missing in any wardrobe. You will find from pants to skirts, sheepskin lined jackets, shirts, and even overalls.

Vintage Inspiration

The vintage fever has reached children’s fashion. It is especially noticeable in sports shoes, which combine white with such striking and vibrant colors as yellow, green, coral or pink.

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