Insights and suggestions related to newborns

Baby’s First Solids

For the first six months of your baby’s life, breast milk is all they needed to grow and be healthy. Now, at about six months old, they are likely ready to eat solid foods. Breast milk is still the most important food, but you can now add solid foods during their feedings. Parents are the …

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10 Hilarious Things You Learn When You Become a Parent

Having a baby is sure to turn your entire world completely upside down. While a little one brings extraordinary joy, let’s face it, things never remain the same once they are born. However, there is nothing other than the actual experience that can prepare you for parenthood. Sure, parenting classes, getting advice and reading books …

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Baby in a bath

When to do baby’s first bath?

Another memorable experience to parents in the long journey of caring for their newborn is cleaning the baby, which can be either a fun experience or one that parents find daunting. A baby’s first bath becomes a major milestone for parents, but it comes with many uncertainties. With so many bathing options out there, as well as advice on best practices, it can quickly become very overwhelming. The hope here is to put some of that to rest.

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