Baby Developmental Milestones

Baby Developmental Milestones : 1 month – 2 years

Infants coo, babies roll over, toddlers take wobbly first steps. But when is your child supposed to do these things? Use our developmental milestones to learn what most kids can do as they grow.

Your 1 month old

At one month, there’s not much for a baby to do besides cry, eat, sleep and poop. You should focus on loving him. Don’t expect much more out of him at this point, but you should still be able to see some progress in development even in the first month.

Your 2 month old

At 2 months, there’s still not much for your baby to do besides eat, sleep, poop and love (and be loved). Keep your expectations low, and there are few things to look out for. At 2 months of age your baby might be learning to control and strengthen body parts, fixate on faces, self-soothe, and communicate.

Your 3-month-old

Lights, camera, action! At 3 months, your baby is becoming more photo-ready. You may capture your baby giving you a smile and lifting her head to see the camera. She may seem to be more responsive, copying some of your expressions and trying to babble through a conversation with you.

Your 4-month-old

You might notice that at 4 months, your baby’s social skills are developing rapidly; he is learning how to interact socially with people and physically with the environment. He may also be starting to get better at using his hands to grab things and, perhaps, rolling over on his own.

Your 6-month old

At 6 months, your baby is probably starting to show some situational awareness. She knows the difference between a parent and a stranger and enjoys seeing herself in a mirror. She can respond to her name, have “conversations” with you consisting of sounds, and is probably rolling over and sitting without support (or at least getting close to doing so).

Your 1-year old

Welcome to toddlerhood! You are starting to have a mover and a shaker on your hands. The 1-year mark is a big milestone for your child, as well as for you: You survived one year as a parent! This is a time for even more growth, independence, and exploration for your child, so you have to stay on your toes.

Your 1,5-year-old

No longer a baby but not yet a child. Your 18-month-old exists in delightful in-between that is filled with both frequent laughter and seemingly inexplicable tears.  Your toddler communication skills are improving and soon, you will be able to have your first conversation with her. You will probably not understand much of what she says. By 18 months old your toddler is walking with no problem.

Your 2-year-old

Your 2-year-old can likely walk and run with more confidence and agility now. She can probably stand on her tiptoes, purposefully kick a ball while standing, throw overhand and walk up and down stairs one at a time while holding on to the railing.

Developmental Milestones

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