Features of children’s vision in the first months of life

A baby is never born with perfect eyesight. Just like walking, crawling, talking, he will have to learn to recognize the surrounding objects in order to interact with them correctly. But parents should know what vision development standards exist for babies in order to notice deviations in time, if there are any. Eye problems are not common with children, but the sooner they are detected, the faster and easier the process of treatment and recovery.

Baby vision at 1 month

Baby eyesight at 1 month passes through several stages from poorly developed central vision to the ability to concentrate  on bright objects at a distance of 1 meter from the eyes. During the first week after birth, the baby can hardly catch a lot of light, because its pupils are still very small. 2 week old baby vision is already an opportunity to distinguish darker objects from lighter ones and keep your attention on an object located close at the eye level. As for 3 week old baby vision, the ability to distinguish patterns already appears here.

Baby eyesight at 2 month

At 5 week old baby vision can pick up all  big bright objects that are in his room. Naturally, baby vision at 6 weeks will be able to focus on the figure of the mother or caregiver who spends the most time with him. At the same time, the most attractive objects for him will still be bright objects that are at a distance of 1 meter from its eyes — mobile phones, hanging toys. 2 month old baby eyesight has the ability to follow moving objects. Sometimes babies vision at 2 month causes unreasonable concern of parents. In these cases, you should know that for 2 month old baby visionit is  normal if the eyes seem to be looking in different directions or cross-eyed. In some time, this passes. But if one eye constantly turns towards the nose or outward, it is worth consulting a pediatrician. Compared to 1 month old baby vision, there is significant progress by two months of a child’s life.

Babies vision at 3 months

As a rule, baby eyesight at 3 months already allows not only to track the movement of objects, but also to coordinate the movements of your own body. Thus, at this age, the child can already hit a moving ball with a plastic stick, even if it does not work for the first time. Healthy 3 month old baby vision is when the eyes work in sync. If you do not observe this, there is a reason to consult a doctor.

About baby vision at 4 months

At this age, the child can already assess the external parameters of the object: shape, depth, volume. He is actively interested in surrounding objects, grabs them with his hands. Babies often play with their mother’s hair, chewing gum, and small toys that are easy to hold.

If you find that your child’s behavior does not comply with the standards described in this article, it is not a reason to panic. You just need to consult with a specialist in time.

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