How to teach your kids to drink from a straw?

How to teach your kids to drink from a straw?

There are many sippy cup brands and products available on the market. It is often difficult for parents to choose the right product for their children. You can either buy a spout-shaped sippy cup or a no-spill straw cup. The ultimate choice is yours.

If your baby is 9-12 months old, he or she can drink from a straw. However, toddlers will properly learn to drink from the straw at the age of two. In today’s article, we will tell you about the most accurate way to teach your child to drink from a straw. Follow the steps below!

Step 1: Cut the straw in half

Cutting the straw is half is an excellent way to start teaching your child drinking in this particular way. A shorter straw is quite convenient for your child to handle. Your child also won’t take more strength to suck milk or juice from a straw of shorter length.

Step 2: Dip the straw into a cup

Once you have shortened the straw length, it is time to dip it into a cup properly. Use your pointer finger’s tip over the top of the straw to maintain enough liquid in it. Take out the straw from the cup and cover the straw top with your fingertip. This method is useful for parents with a child below the age of 12 months.

Step 3: Place the straw on the baby’s lips

Placing the straw on your little one’s lips is not easy. You must do it carefully – otherwise, you can hurt his or her lips. Slightly tilt down the straw and release your finger to flow the liquid into his mouth. Instruct your baby to take a sip from the straw.

Step 4: Teach your Baby to Lips Movements

After your child understands the concept of getting milk or juice from the straw, teach him the opening and closing of lips around the straw. When your child closes his lips around the straw, release your fingertip, so he gets the liquid into his mouth. Some closure methods like lip pinching and stretching can come in handy for your child.

Step 5: Allow Your Baby to Suck from the Straw

Once your baby learns to close his lips around the straw, teach him to suck milk or juice from it. Put the straw inside your baby’s mouth without releasing your fingertip. Check how your baby responds to this. Release the liquid from the straw if your baby reacts positively. Otherwise, you have to follow the same steps until your child learns to suck from the straw.

Final Words

Teaching your child to drink from the straw is not easy for many parents. However, if you keep practicing the steps given above, you will achieve your goal. Avoid the full-size straw for some time until your child fully learns to drink easily and comfortably. As a parent, you have to treat your child with love, patience, and calmness. Praise your child every time he or she makes an achievement. Happy parenting!

Teach your kids to drink from a straw
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