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How to comfort a crying teenager

How to comfort a crying teenager? 11 ways to say

In psychological perspective adolescence is the final stage of childhood is characterized by rapid growth and biological growth. Furthermore, adults generalize a period when children re-establish what they need to carry out and bonds with the family and in bigger friend groups. Personal and sexual characteristics are established and social and abstract reasoning occur. A …

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When can toddlers drink tea

When can toddlers drink tea?

Most of pediatrics around the word emphases that parents do not need to use water or tea for their babies during 6 months of life. The breast milk (also look at Breastfeeding and milk supply ) or formula milk has all what babies’ body need. But when you start solid food feeding process for your …

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Can toddlers eat pate?

Can toddlers eat pate?

In recent decades the complementary feeding of toddlers has been the subject of much debate. Attention has focused mainly on the timing of the introduction of foods other than breast milk or infant formula, on the foods that should be given or avoided at various ages, and on the rate of progression from first tastes …

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