At what age can kids make their own breakfast?

At what age can kids make their own breakfast?

Food is one of the essential things that can bring people together. Many parents encourage their children to participate in cooking to promote quality time with their kids. Baking and cooking also help with early childhood development. (also read At what age can baby use a stove)

The question is: at what age can kids make their own breakfast? According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), children aged 5-8 can make their own breakfasts. If your child is around 5 or 6, he can pour milk and cereal for themselves.

Likewise, 7-8 years old kids can make waffles and toast for themselves in the toaster. However, it is important to instruct your kid initially to avoid any unpleasant situations. Allow your child to use the stove in the kitchen if he or she is above the age of 9.

How to teach your Child to make his or her own breakfast?

Before your kid begins to make his or her own breakfast, it is important to teach him the right way. Otherwise, your untrained Child can hurt himself in the kitchen and cause problems for you. Here are a few tips for teaching your kid appropriately:

  • Give your Child Different Choices: Discuss with your kid the type of food he or she wants to make for the breakfast. Giving your Child at least three different choices is an excellent way to start. Ensure you list the prep work and provide accurate directions to allow your child to accomplish the goal.
  • Maintain Safety Precautions: Your Child’s safety is the most important thing to consider when he or she works in the kitchen. For example, if you Child wants cereal, make sure you place a bowl filled with cereal and a cup of milk to streamline the process.
  • Ask your Child about his Experience: The best way to know whether your child has learned making his own breakfast is to ask him before he goes to bed. Experts say that moms can retain information better right before bed. Ask your child to tell you step-by-step of what he has learned. That way, your child will remember the instructions.  
  • Allow your Child to Explore: Although it is excellent to keep an eye on your Child’s kitchen activity, don’t instruct him or her too often. It is absolutely fine if your kid makes a mistake because children learn from mistakes. Praise your kid every time he or she makes an achievement.

Best Breakfast Ideas for Children

Your Child can make a variety of food items himself based on your instructions and training. Experts recommend parents to start teaching or allowing their kids to make the following three foods. Keep reading!

Yogurt Parfait: It is one of the simplest breakfast food your Child can make himself. Make sure you keep some yogurt and cut up fruit in the fridge so your child can easily access them. Bear in mind that a yogurt parfait is super easy to prepare and healthy food for your Child. Don’t forget to teach your child sprinkling of granola on the parfait.

Cold Cereal: It is another breakfast item your kid can make himself. Cereal with milk is an easy recipe for your child to prepare. Make sure you keep some milk in the easy-to-reach spot on the shelf in the fridge. Help your Child use the ingredients the right way to avoid spills. After a week or two, your kid will be able to make his or her breakfast.

Hard-Boiled Eggs: It is another simple item you can store in the fridge for up to seven days. Teach your child, step-by-step, on how to boil eggs quickly and cool them down.

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