Are Vibrating Massagers Safe During Pregnancy?

Are Vibrating Massagers Safe During Pregnancy?

Are you wondering how you can minimize the stress and exhaustion your pregnancy is causing you? Then a vibrating massager could be the solution to your problem. As women face back pain, sleep deprivation, swelling, etc., during pregnancy, using a vibrating massager can cause them comfort to a great extent. But the question is, are vibrating massagers safe during pregnancy?

Using vibrating massagers are considered to be quite safe for the baby and the mother-to-be during pregnancy as long as some specific instructions are being followed. An anticipating mother is advised to consult a specialist beforehand to make sure she doesn’t have any serious condition that can be triggered by using a vibrating massager.

Even though vibrating massagers have proven themselves to be safe during pregnancy, there are still more things to learn in order to know if it is truly a safe and healthy way to obtain the comfort pregnant women long for. So, in this article, I am going to talk about this topic in a more detailed manner to provide you with all the necessary information you might need. 

Is It Okay to Use Vibrating Massagers During Pregnancy?

Using vibrating massagers during pregnancy is considered to be safe as long as some guidelines are being followed, and you have consulted a specialist. 

Pregnancy is a hard time for a woman’s body as it goes through several changes. It can be stressful and hard due to the changes and hormonal imbalance. For some sort of relief, the use of vibrating massagers becomes very important during this time. But due to previous misconceptions, people often feel terrified to use vibrating massagers, thinking it’s harmful to the baby.

But the fact is, vibrating massagers are quite helpful during the time of pregnancy. As long as you have a low risk and healthy pregnancy and not use a vibrating massager through the first trimester, it is safe to say that they are okay to use. But you should definitely avoid some areas in order to protect your baby from any kind of risk. Such as:

  • Lower leg
  • Calf muscles
  • Stomach area
  • Lower back

As long as you avoid the above-mentioned body parts, there’s no harm in using a vibrating massager.

Vibrating Massagers Benefits

What Are the Benefits of Using Vibrating Massagers?

A good massage is something we can all appreciate as it can provide us with great peace and relief. It has a special part, especially when the person enjoying the massage is going through pregnancy. As pregnancy can sometimes be exhausting and stressful, vibrating massagers can be helpful to provide the mother-to-be with comfort and relaxation. 

Now I am going to talk about the benefits of using a vibrating massager during pregnancy, as there are quite a few. 

Reduces Back Pain & Leg Pain

Having to face pain in the legs and the lower back of the body is very common during pregnancy.

During this time, the uterus grows, and as a result, it takes up much room and pressurizes the body of the mother-to-be. This pain is not possible to get rid of, but it can certainly be reduced by using a vibrating massager. This will provide you with instant ease. 

Minimizes Stress Level 

Pregnancy is a time when the mother-to-be faces anxiety, stress, and confusion. It is not uncommon for a pregnant woman to even go through depression during this time.

This is why the use of a vibrating massager is essential during this period because it can control the hormone levels of the anticipating mother and reduce her stress level to a great extent. 

Provides Ease During Labor 

During pregnancy, one of the reasons that causes anxiety is facing labor. Research shows that vibrating massagers can be beneficial to make labor easier for a pregnant woman. Massagers not only help with reducing the anxiety of facing labor but also ensures faster and easier labor while playing a part in decreasing the possibility of postnatal depression. 

There are also some other reasons behind the usage of vibrating massagers. Such as-

  • Improves sleeping pattern during pregnancy. 
  • It helps with the most common indications of pregnancy, which are inflammation and swelling. 
  • Regulates hormones to help with the stability of the mother-to-be.

Advice on Using Vibrating Massagers During Pregnancy

We all know that the pregnancy period is a total of 40 weeks and that it can be categorized as three trimesters. Even though research shows that it is quite safe to use vibrating massagers in all three trimesters, it is still better to avoid using them during the first twelve weeks, which is considered the first trimester. 

There’s a risk of facing miscarriage during the first trimester if certain instructions are not being followed. Also, as vibrating massagers are basically used for the circulation of blood, which is done by creating pressure at certain points of our body, this can cause contractions.

But once you have crossed the first trimester, using a vibrating massager can not cause any harm to you, as far the research shows. But it is a must to consult a specialist before getting yourself a vibrating massager. 

Even though vibrating massagers are safe, especially after the first trimester, but still, if a pregnant woman has the below-mentioned problems, she should definitely avoid massaging herself with a vibrating massager or at least consult a specialist regarding her condition.

  • Extreme swelling
  • Obesity 
  • High risk of pregnancy
  • Preeclampsia 
  • Severe headache 
  • History of miscarriage 

Different Types of Vibrating Massagers with Benefits & Effects

With the increased popularity of vibrating massagers, many varieties of this sort have been introduced over the years. As pregnancy is a delicate time, it is important to choose the right type of vibrating massager. Therefore, knowing the options available out there and their benefits and effectiveness are essential. So, let’s talk about the top most famous kinds of vibrating massagers.

Neck massager

Vibrating Neck Massager 

Being stress-free and relaxed is important during pregnancy as it positively affects the anticipating mother and the baby. But having a human growing inside of you for nine months is a very tough time. Therefore, to have a stress-free time, the vibrating massager is an excellent choice and is proven to be a safe method. 

Even though it is a neck massager, some of them have long handles that help you reach other parts of your body to massage them. So, this massager is quite user-friendly. But while massaging other parts, make sure to avoid the lower leg and lower back of the body as it can be risky at times. 

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Vibrating Massage Chair

A vibrating massage chair helps your blood to circulate through the upper part of your body. It helps women with their leg pain and back pain during pregnancy.

Even though it is a safe massaging method, if you have symptoms of premature labor, it is better to avoid using vibrating massage chairs. 

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Vibrating Back Massager 

Vibrating back massager is an excellent choice during pregnancy in order to achieve ease and comfort.

But before using it, knowing the appropriate intensity of vibration is important so that it doesn’t cause premature labor. So, the intensity of the vibration should be controlled as per your specialist’s advice.


In this article, I have tried to answer the question- are vibrating massagers safe during pregnancy? I vividly talked about the need for vibrating massagers during this period and have tried to provide you with the guidelines to use them safely. Moreover, I have given you information on the benefits that different types of vibrating massagers provide. 

I hope this article was of help to you and wish you luck so that you have a smooth and healthy pregnancy. 

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