Best Shoes for A Baby Learning to Walk

7 Best Shoes for A Baby Learning to Walk 2022

Has your baby started taking their first steps? If your answer is yes, it’d be wise to make sure that they have a nice pair of shoes on, while learning to walk. A good pair of shoes can make sure that your baby has a much more comfortable time learning to walk. So, to help out parents all over the globe, I’m going to talk about a few of the best shoes for a baby learning to walk.

If you don’t want to read the whole article then you can just go for the Leah by Momo shoes. This little cute pair of shoes is getting all the positive praises from parents who get ecstatic when they see their babies learning to walk with these shoes on. These shoes are number one for baby boys with narrow feet and their lightweight and flexible sole make them a keeper!

Based on budget and other factors relating to traction, weight, and sole, the best barefoot shoe can be different for each baby. So, read through the whole article to find out which one is best for your child.

Why Is It Important to Get the Right Baby Shoes?

A child’s feet are at a stage where it continues to grow. So, to keep up, you constantly need to change shoes to fit their size. To ensure that their feet are developing properly, it is important to get the right pair of shoes along with giving them the proper healthy meals. As shoes that do not fit properly may lead to long-term foot damages.

If you’re not careful and force your baby to wear a pair that doesn’t fit them, then they’ll just end up with blisters and sore feet for the rest of the week. And if they keep wearing them, they’ll end up with long-term foot problems and even disfigurement.

Thus, it is extremely important to choose the right pair of shoes for your baby’s safety and well-being.

What to Look For When Buying Shoes For Babies

Toddlerhood is a very critical time, when even the smallest of irritations can lead to lifelong consequences. Something as simple as a shoe being a tad bit too tight can cause serious injuries and even deformities. So, picking the right pair of shoes for your child is essential.

Here are some characteristics you should look for when buying shoes for toddlers.

Proper Size

The first thing you obviously have to consider is choosing the right shoe size. Choosing a shoe too big can cause them to trip and fall resulting in injuries. Choosing a shoe too big can cause serious pains. So, measure your baby’s feet and choose the right sized shoe.

Also, remember to check their feet size every 6-8 weeks. They are at a time where they grow super-fast. So, keeping their feet size in check is essential.

Light Weight

Your baby’s shoes should be lightweight. They can barely support their own weight at this age. So, there is no point in burdening them with a pair of heady foot wear. Also, light weight shoes will keep them running their feet for longer which is always a good thing.

Hard Rubber Sole

The moment your baby starts standing on his feet, even if it is for a little while, start buying shoes with hard bottoms. This will protect them from anything sharp as they are walking around and also provide a bit of support. Also, make sure to buy rubber soles as they provide a bit of grip.


The shoes you buy must be flexible. A child just learning to walk will sometimes prefer to crawl. You have to make sure that the shoes can bend easily when your baby is in a crawl position.


Last but not least the shoes must be breathable. Shoes made with breathable materials are great for dissipating heat and letting evaporated sweat pass. This keeps your baby’s feet nice and dry allowing greater comfort and preventing fungal infections.

7 Best Shoes for Babies Learning to Walk

For a baby learning to walk for the first time, they must have a pair of shoes that support them during their first steps. Flexibility is a must as they must learn how to properly maintain balance and grip things while taking their steps without tripping or having any unwanted accidents.

Here are 7 of the best baby shoes I have personally found to be excellent.

1. Adrian by Stride Rite

Stride Rite Baby and Toddler Boys Adrian Athletic Sneaker

These stylish pairs of adorable shoes are just the right ones for your little nugget. They’re soft and will give comfort to your baby’s little toes as they take their first steps. The foam inside is of the best premium quality which will give support and add a layer of cushion to provide extra comfort and help with the baby’s foot movement.

You can also purchase them in various colors which will also add more brightness to your baby’s outfits.

With its breathable mesh design, you won’t have to worry about your baby’s feet getting sweaty or smelly if they have the shoes on for some time.

It comes with hook & loop closures. With these, you’ll easily be able to take off your baby’s shoes without making them feel uncomfortable. This will also help you with adjusting the size so that they don’t slip off or get too tight around the baby’s foot.

The seamless construction will make sure that the shoes are not compressing the baby’s foot and that it goes smoothly over and around the baby’s natural foot shape.

7 Best Shoes for A Baby Learning to Walk 2022
  • Ideal for outdoor activities as the pure 100% leather is easy to clean off
  • Cute and comfortable while encouraging natural movement and provides balance
  • Flexible
  • Babies will be able to walk or run without having the shoes slide off
  • Strong and sturdy
7 Best Shoes for A Baby Learning to Walk 2022
  • There were complaints that the threads started coming off after a week of usage.

2. Leah By Momo

Momo Baby Girls First Walker Toddler Leah Sneaker Shoes

These colorful pairs of baby shoes are the best pick for your baby girl. And if your daughter loves brightly colored objects, it’s safe to assume that they will be excited to put these on for their initial walking stage.

These are lightweight and thin. The flexible soles make it possible for the toddlers to move their feet comfortably without feeling any distress in their tiny toes. And with its firm grip and tread traction, you won’t have to worry about the babies slipping on the runway!

It has a fan shaped toe box. This shape allows your child to move around more easily as their big and small toes have the freedom to move about openly without sustaining any damage Its slip resistance and soft sole will help your baby to run around or walk without slamming face-first into the ground

The durable mesh is of lightweight design and provides maximum breathability which means that your baby’s feet won’t feel any discomfort as they trot their way through the hallway

All in all, these bright shoes are quite famous with the parents and they will highly recommend them for your baby’s first steps. On top of that, these are great for babies with narrow feet who have just started standing up and walking.

7 Best Shoes for A Baby Learning to Walk 2022
  • Provides flexibility
  • Super lightweight and dries very quick
  • It will fit fine for kids with a bit chubbier foot
7 Best Shoes for A Baby Learning to Walk 2022
  • The velcro straps are not of the highest quality

3. Hunter by Momo

Momo Baby Boys First Walker/Toddler Hunter Sneaker Shoes

If you’re about to buy some adorable shoes for your baby boy’s initial steps, the Hunter by Momo would be the best pick. These are great for boy babies with narrow feet who have just started learning to walk.

The shoe is lightweight, flexible, and has a good grip which avoids any unwanted accidents. Its rubber soles have deep tread traction which makes it slip-resistant and comfortable for your baby to start walking in. With these cute pairs on, your baby will get up and run in no time.

It’s as easy to put on as it’s easy to take off and the mesh upper and rubber sole provides the comfort that you’d want your child to have.

7 Best Shoes for A Baby Learning to Walk 2022
  • Seal of acceptance by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA)
  • Flexible and gives comfort
  • Highly adjustable
7 Best Shoes for A Baby Learning to Walk 2022
  • Might not be ideal if the feet are too narrow. Best for medium-sized baby feet rather than the chubbier ones.

4. Tulip by Stride Rite

Stride Rite SRTech Tulip Fisherman Sandal

These baby shoes are perfect for the summer due to their sandal-style design and them being lightweight. The shoes are flexible, providing full comfort and protection. The full toe coverage ensures safety. They come in various sizes starting from medium and ending with double wide widths. So, you’ll always find something that fits your baby just right.

The 100% leather material might cause a stir with the vegan community or people who do not prefer leather products, but this material provides water resistance and breathability.

It has rounded edges. So, your baby will be free to walk around and even run about freely without you having to worry whether they stumble or fall. The Tulips light padding provides extra comfort along with the adjustable hook and loop attached strap which eliminates any unwanted compression

The leather upper cushion comes with a hook and loop closure which will help to adjust the shoe according to your baby’s feet. All in all, they’re perfect for the summer months.

7 Best Shoes for A Baby Learning to Walk 2022
  • Great for playing around in the school or park as the rounded edges ensure that the sand or dirt doesn’t stay huddled up at the toes
  • Very flexible and you’ll be able to slide them off just like that
  • Adorable flower designs
  • Comes in various sizes so don’t worry if your child’s feet are a bit too chubby or narrow.
  • Durable and dries fast and easy to clean.
7 Best Shoes for A Baby Learning to Walk 2022
  • Not ideal if you’re against the usage of real leather products

5. Soft Motion Amalie by Stride Rite

Stride Rite Soft Motion Baby and Toddler Girls Amalie Mary Jane Shoe

If you’re looking for fashionable shoes for your baby but want them to be functional as well, then this will be the best pick for you! The Soft Motion shoes can be worn on a runway with a dress as well as in the playground.

These come in different colors and sizes and with its shiny patent upper, it’s quite a looker! You will also get a simple hook and loop to help adjust the shoe on your baby’s foot. This will make putting on and taking off the shoe easier.

Its rubber soles are slip-resistance and will provide a proper grip on rather slippery and treacherous surfaces. Thus, your baby won’t hit the floor every 2 minutes.It also comes with rubber souls. This provides more comfort and less pressure on the foot so your baby’s feet will stay healthy and without any damage.

7 Best Shoes for A Baby Learning to Walk 2022
  • Ideal for outdoor activities as the pure 100% leather is easy to clean off
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Perfect for new walkers; providing great support and quality
  • The colors match just about any outfit
7 Best Shoes for A Baby Learning to Walk 2022
  • Some parents complained that the soles might be a bit hard for a baby’s feet

6. Soft Motion Sophie by Stride Rite

Stride Rite Unisex-Child Soft Motion Sophie Fashion Boot

A moment back, I talked about the best shoes for summer and now it’s time for the best baby walking shoes for the winter. The Soft Motion Sophie is the best winter pal to have with your child at all times.

These shoes are not just adorable but they can also be considered high-fashion. The rubber front collar and the ankle details are nothing less than what a rockstar would wear. What’s more, these boots also come in different designs; different colors with fancy embroideries.

Made with leather, these are very durable thus an extremely good investment. As leather is already a very strong material, it can withstand harsh conditions. And with its adjustable straps, you won’t have to worry that much about getting the wrong size as you can easily adjust the strap along the baby’s foot.

If you decide to get these shoes, then you’ll set a high bar as your babies will be on the track to walking success. The Soft Motion also comes with memory foam. This material will provide extreme relaxation and enhance comfort while your baby learns to take their first steps

7 Best Shoes for A Baby Learning to Walk 2022
7 Best Shoes for A Baby Learning to Walk 2022
  • The leather might cause problems within specific communities

 7. Bare Steps H2O by Merrell Kids

Merrell Kids' Bare Steps H20 Water Shoe

These cute pairs are not your average summer pair as they come with more support and strength. They may look like typical sandals but are far more efficient. These water shoes come with thin soles and an extra-wide toe box which will provide more comfort for your baby’s precious toes.

If you want your baby to beat the heat and look fabulous while doing so, then these are the shoes for you. Flexibility, traction and not to mention durability; it’s got it all!

The toe box on these are a bit on the wide side which is actually a good thing. The toes will be able to spread out for more comfort; this is especially very important in baby shoes as the toes are still at the growing stage.

7 Best Shoes for A Baby Learning to Walk 2022
  • Easy to wash
  • Flexible and durable
  • Alternative closure for easy on/off
  • Great traction so fewer chances of slipping
7 Best Shoes for A Baby Learning to Walk 2022
  • Only comes in one color


As we’re finally at the end of the article, I hope you were able to get an idea of the best shoes for a baby learning to walk. Once you’re done picking the right one, all you have to do is just sit back and watch your baby toddle away.

Hope this article helps you with buying your baby’s new walking shoes. Thank you for your time and I hope you have a nice day!

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