5 Best Baby Electric Nail Trimmer

5 Best Baby Electric Nail Trimmer

For those blessed with a newborn baby, few things are as darling as those tiny hands. With so many things to attend to after giving birth, however, cutting the nails on those digits may be the last thing on your mind.

It’s an important part of caring for your baby since nails start growing in utero at week 11. Though they look small and harmless, those nails can be quite sharp. It’s important to trim them because babies can accidentally scratch themselves and even you.

Why Get An Electric Nail Trimmer

One of the best options for cutting your baby’s nails is an electric nail trimmer. Because of how they work, they’re much safer than manual nail cutters so you don’t have to worry about clipping too much off.

In this article, we prepare you to buy your baby’s first electric nail trimmer by giving a rundown of the different features and aspects you need to look for. We then follow it up with products you may want to check out so you canlearn about the best baby electric nail trimmer.

Let’s get started!

Buying Electric Nail Trimmers for Babies

Electric nail trimmers for babies are all designed to do the same thing — clip nails — but there are important differences between brands and models. Here’s what you’ll want to take a closer look at:

LED Light Features

With the help of LED lights, you can take a closer look at your baby’s finger while getting rid of the nail. In case you’re in a place that is dimly lit or dark, the LED light will assist you in the trimming process. This is a great feature to have if you’re in the habit of trimming your baby’s nails while he or she is sleeping.

Power Source

Electric nail trimmers most often run on batteries. Some run with disposable alkaline batteries while others rely on rechargeable lithium batteries.

Of course, each has its own set of pros and cons that you should consider when buying.

Spy Holes

Have you noticed the tiny hole right behind the sharp edge of the nail trimmer? It’s called a spy hole and serves a very important purpose. Sometimes, when you cut a nail, you end up cutting more than necessary and cause injuries.

A spy hole makes it easy for you to take a look inside the clipper before getting rid of the nail. It helps you make sure that you don’t end up cutting away too much.

Magnifying Glasses

Yes, you read that right: magnifying glasses. There are electric nail trimmers that have magnifying glasses attached to them. It’s actually a great feature so you can see those teensy toes and fingers.

The magnifying glass will allow you to take a closer look at the nail before cutting it, thus preventing injuries.

Vibrant Trimmers

Do you have an active baby who never stops moving? Vibrantly colored and attractively designed trimmers are specifically made that way so they can help distract your baby while you attend to its nails.

Curved Edges

If the electric nail trimmer you’re looking at only has curved edges, it’s safer for babies since there are no sharp edges that you have to be careful of.

While most electric nail trimmers for babies will have this, it’s worth mentioning since it’s a pretty important safety design feature.

Emery Boards

Did you accidentally leave a jagged edge on your baby’s nails? With an emery board attached to the electric nail trimmer, it won’t be a problem. You can immediately smooth away any rough areas that might scratch your baby’s face.

It may be a little challenging to use at first, especially if your baby moves around a lot, but you’ll get used to it soon enough.

5 Best Baby Electric Nail Trimmers

Now that you know what features are available, here’s a list of the best baby electric nail trimmers. Have a look:

#1. Baby Nail File Electric Trimmer – Best Trimmer for First-Timers

This battery-powered electric trimmer by Cherish is packed with a lot of features that make it ideal if you haven’t used one on your baby before. It’s whisper-quiet so you can use it while babies sleep without waking them.

It also has two speeds that you can choose from. You can choose the slower cutting speed as you become accustomed to it then transition to the higher cutting speed later for more efficiency.

Use It For Longer

Since it comes with four baby fingernail pads, Cherish has designed a product that you can use for longer. As your baby grows from zero to over 12 months old, you can cycle through the different pads to deliver safe but precise cutting.

It fits comfortably in one hand, has no sharp edges that can injure your baby, and even has replacement pads that you can purchase so you can keep using them even after the original ones wear out.

5 Best Baby Electric Nail Trimmer
  • Two filing speeds
  • Comes with four fingernail pads, additional pads can be purchased so they can be used for longer
  • Quiet operation
  • No sharp edges so it’s safe for baby
  • Certified by US Child Product Safety
  • Comes with a durable plastic case to put it in
5 Best Baby Electric Nail Trimmer
  • Trims nails slowly
  • Doesn’t come with a battery

#2. Elosh Electric Baby Nail Trimmer – Best for Family Use

Elosh offers a complete nail trimmer kit that works not just for babies but adults as well. Each kit has its own traveling case, six grinding heads for babies, 4 grinding heads for adults, and eight pieces of sandpaper (or the material at the end of the grinding head). You’ll need two AA batteries to run it.

It has a quiet motor that’s perfect for cutting a baby’s nails as he or she naps without damaging the cuticles and nail beds. The settings are also very customizable since you can control the speed (high and low) as well as the direction of the rotation (clockwise or counterclockwise).

LED Light

This nail trimmer offers a convenient LED front light so you can always see what you’re cutting.

If you’ve tried electric nail trimmers before, like them, and want to use them more, this is the perfect tool for the family.

5 Best Baby Electric Nail Trimmer
  • Settings are very customizable (you can choose speed and cutting direction)
  • Quiet motor
  • Comes with an LED light
  • Has ten grinding heads and eight pieces of sandpaper so it’s more versatile and can be used for longer
  • Cutting is faster than other trimmers, cutting mechanism operates at a higher rate of 5,400 revolutions per minute (RPM)
  • Can be used by adults as well
  • Reasonably priced and cheaper than many electric nail trimmers
5 Best Baby Electric Nail Trimmer
  • Requires two AA batteries which need to be purchased separately
  • Instructions aren’t beginner-friendly

#3. ZoLi BUZZ B Electric Nail Trimmer – Best for Traveling

If you’re traveling, you might need a trimmer to get rid of your baby’s fast-growing nails. Here’s a compact 4 ½-inch trimmer that’s convenient to bring and use when traveling.

Each purchase comes with a carrying case and four cushioned pads. Like most electric nail trimmers, you’ll need to change the pads as your baby ages to effectively cut nails.

It comes with two speed settings and requires one AA battery to operate.

5 Best Baby Electric Nail Trimmer
  • Small and compact for traveling
  • Has four cushioned pads that you can use for your baby’s first year
  • Manufacturer offers a 30-day warranty
5 Best Baby Electric Nail Trimmer
  • Cuts nails slowly
  • Doesn’t come with a battery, the battery runs out quickly
  • Pads are hard to replace
  • More expensive

#4. Fansidi Electric Baby Nail Clipper – Best for Filing Baby’s Nails

This product by Fansidi files nails instead of trimming them to keep your baby’s fingers safe from cuts. Each nail clipper comes with a number of accessories including ten cushioned grinding heads and eight pieces of sandpaper so you can use it for longer. With its soft pad, metal pad, and cylindrical pad, even adults can use this nail clipper.

You can choose between a pink or blue-colored clipper. Similar to the product from Elosh, you can also control the speed and rotational direction of this clipper.

Quiet Motor and LED Light

With its quiet motor and LED light, you don’t have to worry about disturbing your infant while using it. Just insert 2 AA batteries inside and you’re good to go.

Fansidi’s after-sales policy stands out. They have a longer 45-day money-back guarantee and offer an 18-month warranty if you experience any quality-related issues.

5 Best Baby Electric Nail Trimmer
  • Comes with ten grinding heads and eight pieces of sandpaper
  • Customizable speed and rotational direction
  • Has an LED light
  • Files away your baby’s nails instead of trimming them for added safety
  • Choose between pink and blue colors
  • Longer after-sales money-back guarantee and 18-month quality warranty
  • Reasonably priced
5 Best Baby Electric Nail Trimmer
  • Grinding heads are bulky compared to baby’s nails
  • Motor not that durable

#5. Little Martin’s Drawer Baby Nail Trimmer – Best Easy Operation Trimmer

Unlike the previous electronic nail trimmers we’ve reviewed, Little Martin’s Drawer electric nail trimmer comes with only three attachments and three cushioned pieces of sandpaper. Despite having fewer accessories, it can still be used on babies and adults.

Like the others, it has a quiet motor and a convenient LED light. You can also choose a low or high speed to cut with and the direction of the cutting and filing.

This nail trimmer comes in pink and blue, is powered by two AA batteries, and features a one-button design for easy operation.

5 Best Baby Electric Nail Trimmer
  • Can be used on babies and by adults
  • Quiet motor and has an LED light
  • One-button easy operation
  • Gentle and safe for babies
  • Works efficiently
5 Best Baby Electric Nail Trimmer
  • LED light doesn’t reach the nails
  • Machine isn’t that durable

Wrap-Up: Are Electric Nail Trimmers Worth It?

The idea of taking a sharp blade (such as those from a manual nail cutter or trimming scissors) to babies’ small fingers can be scary. With their delicate skin and tiny fingers, it’s so easy to take too much off and injure them.

Electric nail trimmers make the process much easier and safer. They also don’t require the same level of precision and caution that other tools demand.

We hope that this article has helped you better understand how electric nail trimmers can help you and your baby. With the features and products mentioned here, you’re now in a better position to find the perfect one for your infant.

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