What Kind Of Humidifier is Best For Baby

What Kind Of Humidifier is Best For Baby in 2022? [Detailed Guide]

When you are making a list of all the things you may need for your newborn’s arrival, a humidifier can be a useful addition. It is especially helpful to provide comfort to the baby during the winter or the flu season. But what kind of humidifier is best for baby? With so many types and models to choose from, you might have a hard time choosing the best one. 

Among all the great choices available, Crane Drop Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier is one of the best-performing ones. It can hold up to a gallon of water and produces cool and soothing mist for up to 24 hours. It is extremely easy to use and runs whisper-quiet for the utmost comfort of your baby. 

There are many other excellent humidifiers available that have certain qualities you might find more useful and appealing. Since you also need to consider your budget and the size of your room, you should check out the other good options available in the current market. In this guide, I have compiled a list of 5 of the best ones. 

Should You Use a Humidifier for Your Baby?

Yes you should. During winter times or in an air conditioned room, the air tends to get dry. This can cause breathing problems for the baby. It may even irritate their skin by drawing out all the moisture. A humidifier can ensure the air is nice and humid for the comfort of the baby. 

Dry air can cause skin to dry out and crack. It can cause breathing issues for a baby by drying out their airway. It can even get worse to the point that your baby might be in physical pain. So, a humidifier is a worthwhile option if the air in your apartment is dry. 

Everything You Should Consider When Buying a Humidifier for Babies

Not all humidifiers are made equal. So, when you are looking for a humidifier for your baby, make sure they have these features:

  • Choose cool mist humidifiers. They are better for a baby’s sensitive skin
  • Choose a model that is easy to clean.
  • Make sure they have an auto shut-off feature
  • A good humidifier should have a directional flow. 
  • For the best comfort of your baby, choose a model that is light and makes less sound. 

5 Best Humidifiers for Babies 

I have listed some of the most promising humidifiers you will find in the market. Although all of them will serve you the same purpose, they all have their unique features. The one that would be best for you depends on what type of features you need and what you can afford.

So let’s take a look at all of them. 

1. Crane Drop Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Crane Drop Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier is one of the best ones in the market and has many satisfied customers to vouch for it. 

The base of this humidifier is made with antimicrobial material agents. So when you use it, there is less chance of any mold or bacteria growing inside. 

This is a filterless humidifier that comes with whisper-quiet technology and shuts off automatically. It is the best product to go for if you are a parent with a tight schedule. To top it all off, the unit has a 360-degree lid to deliver mist in all corners of your room. 

However, the best part of this humidifier is that it comes in 15 colors and other fun animal shapes that are perfect for your baby’s nursery. Since you are going to use this product in your baby’s room or nursery, you will love that it comes in so many colors and adorable designs.

This humidifier uses ultrasonic technology and sound vibrations to push moisture in the air. So it performs quietly as there are no loud fans when it is operating. The device also comes with a built-in feature to shut off automatically when the tank is empty. So you don’t have to keep an eye on the water levels.

Overall, it has all the features you might want in a humidifier. But even this almost-perfect humidifier has a few drawbacks. Since it has no filters, you have to keep in check whether the inside compartments get too dirty or not. 

What Kind Of Humidifier is Best For Baby in 2022? [Detailed Guide]
  • Works silently.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Many designs to choose from. 
  • No filters mean less trouble to clean or change. 
  • Can run up to 24 hours.
  • Has a 360-degree lid to deliver mist in every direction.
What Kind Of Humidifier is Best For Baby in 2022? [Detailed Guide]
  • Since there is no filter, you have to keep track of whether it gets dirty. 
  • The steam opening is very narrow and can be difficult to clean. 
  • The mist does not reach very far.

2. Safety 1st 360 Degree Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier 

Safety 1st humidifier is a budget-friendly humidifier with two mist outlets that can rotate 360 degrees. This one is a budget-friendly option that has a nightlight and auto shut-off feature. When I gave the product a test run, it was very easy to use and clean. 

Its unique feature is the two fully rotating nozzles. If you have two babies to take care of, it’s the best choice to go for. With these two rotating mist outlets, you get to control the direction of the mist and let your baby enjoy maximum soothing air.

The humidifier also shuts off automatically when the tank has depleted. So you won’t have to worry about it getting damaged when it’s empty. And on top of all this, the glow from this humidifier lets you use it as a nightlight as well. 

What Kind Of Humidifier is Best For Baby in 2022? [Detailed Guide]
  • You get to control the mist direction as you want.
  • It runs without a sound.
  • Doesn’t need to replace the filters. 
What Kind Of Humidifier is Best For Baby in 2022? [Detailed Guide]
  • You may need to fill it frequently when you run it at high settings. 
  • Can be difficult to clean. 

3. Vicks Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier 

Vicks ultrasonic cool mist humidifier is another amazing choice for your baby. From my experience with the product, the device was extremely easy to operate because of the translucent body. It has an auto-shut-off technology so you won’t have to worry about refilling it that much. 

A unique feature of this product is that you can use it with Vicks Scent Pads. It has a door where you can fit in up to 2 Vicks VapoPads. You get the ultimate soothing experience by infusing the air with lavender, menthol, or others.  

This makes it an extremely good option if you want to soothe your baby’s congestion. It is a vaporizer, humidifier, and steam inhaler all at once. So you can provide relief to your baby when it has a cold. Just like the previous two humidifiers it also comes with an auto shut off feature.

One short drawback is that it won’t kill any bacteria in the air as it is a cool-mist humidifier. So, that should be something to consider when purchasing this device. 

What Kind Of Humidifier is Best For Baby in 2022? [Detailed Guide]
  • Provides soothing air to help your baby’s cold. 
  • Has a large opening to clean or refill the water with ease. 
  • Can run for up to 30 hours. 
  • The translucent tank makes it easy to keep track of when to clean.
What Kind Of Humidifier is Best For Baby in 2022? [Detailed Guide]
  • It’s quite heavy and not easily portable.
  • Since it provides cool mist, it cannot kill bacteria in the air. 

4. Levoit 4L Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier  

This model of humidifier is one of the most popular ones out there. It has a whooping tank capacity of 1.6 gallons of water and can run for about 40 hours. It also has an automated shut-off feature and lets you schedule a timer for the display to shut off. When I used it, I loved how quiet and dim it was. 

A unique feature it introduces is that you can choose between warm mists and cool mists settings. So whichever you need, you get it. You get to enjoy the best of both worlds with this humidifier all year round. 

The Levoit also comes with an aroma box. It lets you add essential oil to the aroma box of this humidifier. So you can enjoy the fresh aroma with the clean air.

The last and the most useful feature of this device is that you are able to operate the device remotely. You get to adjust any settings of the humidifier at any time you want from the comfort of your sofa or a bed. 

With the extremely easy-to-use controller and a timer, it is best for sleep-deprived parents. But you might also experience a bit of a drawback since it is one of the biggest humidifiers out there. So it takes a lot of effort to clean. 

What Kind Of Humidifier is Best For Baby in 2022? [Detailed Guide]
  • Runs for a long time without needing to be refilled. 
  • Can be used all year round.
  • You get to choose between warm mist and cold mist according to your needs. 
  • Extremely quiet and dim to protect your baby’s sleep. 
What Kind Of Humidifier is Best For Baby in 2022? [Detailed Guide]
  • Difficult to clean. 
  • Extremely heavy to move. 

5. TaoTronics Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

What Kind Of Humidifier is Best For Baby in 2022? [Detailed Guide]

Among all the other humidifiers listed here, this one works the best for a large room and runs for a long time. You will have no worries to keep track of the water level as it comes with a four-liter tank and can run for about 30 hours. 

If you are a germaphobe then its filter system may spark your interest. This humidifier comes with a micro porous ceramic filter cartridge to serve you just that. These will filter any microorganism in the water and produce the cleanest and safest mist for your baby’s safety.

This humidifier also has a built-in sleep mode to dim out the device at night. So your baby can sleep without a problem at night. It’s LED screen is also pretty useful. You can easily keep check of the humidity level and mist flow of the humidifier using the screen. 

I especially love the super handy “sleep mode” of this device. This feature makes it the perfect choice for your baby’s choice. Another feature you might love is that it has a built-in feature to control the humidity, a humidistat, and three levels of mist you get to choose from. 

This is the best product for stay-at-home moms who need a continuous flow of fresh air for themselves and their babies. The only drawback you may face from using this product is that you will see white dust being produced if you use tap water. 

What Kind Of Humidifier is Best For Baby in 2022? [Detailed Guide]
  • Larger tank capacity translates to it running longer with lesser refills. 
  • LED display lets you check the mist flow and humidity levels.
  • Sleep mode to let your baby sleep peacefully. 
  • Works without a sound.
  • Easy to clean and use. 
What Kind Of Humidifier is Best For Baby in 2022? [Detailed Guide]
  • There might be white dust if you use tap water. 
  • Can drench everything near the device. 
  • Has a small cable.
  • You need a deep sink to refill the tank. 

My Best Pick

Although it was a tough choice, I decided that Crane Drop Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier is the best one overall. 

It operates quietly but still provides you cool and soothing mist for up to 24 hours for a medium-sized room. It’s easy to use and clean as well. With this humidifier, you will be getting the most value out of your money.

The best thing about this product is that it comes in a wide range of colors. So, if you want a humidifier to go with your child’s playroom theme, Crane Drop is definitely the right choice. 


What kind of humidifier is best for baby?

If you want to provide the best comfort to your baby’s sleeping environment, a humidifier can be your savior. But with so many types and models available, you might be wondering what kind of humidifier is best for baby. In this article, I have provided 5 of the best ones with their unique features.  

Since all of them are different and their distinct qualities I hope this article has helped you to choose the one that is perfect for your baby’s nursery. Thank you for reading till now. 

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