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Should We Praise Our Kids?

Should We Praise Our Kids_

After reading the title I know what you’re thinking: “What? Praise is bad? I can’t praise my children. This I have to hear.” Okay, here goes. What is the most common praise you hear parents (and teachers and coaches) giving kids at home, on the playground, in class, and on the sports fields? “Good job!” …

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Help Your Child Sleep Alone

Child Sleep

Not getting enough sleep can lead to a host of other issues with toddlers, such as tantrums, meltdowns, crankiness, and a disagreeable demeanor. Sleep is important to make life easier for the whole family. When it comes to establishing good sleep habits with your toddler, the earlier you start, the better. Some parents don’t realize …

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Decoding Baby Crying

Decoding Baby Crying

Oh…baby is crying! You leap to attention to answer his calls. You give him a little breastmilk, change his diaper. Feels like you’ve totally got this—until baby won’t stop crying. The thing is, painful as it may be, it is also completely normal. And, in moderation, crying can even benefit baby. Let’s a look at …

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