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Social and Language development during first year of baby’s life

 Recent advances in brain research have proven that an infant’s environment has a dramatic effect on brain-building and healthy development. It is this early stage of brain development that results in how, and how well, one thinks and learns—both as children and as adults. In the first years of a baby’s life, the brain is …

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Breastfeeding and milk supply

“I’m hungry” Early feeding cues • Stirring, moving arms. • Mouth opening, yawning or licking. • Hand to mouth movements. • Turning head from side to side. • Rooting, seeking to reach things with her mouth. “I’m really hungry” Moderate feeding cues • Stretching. • Moving more and more. • Hand to mouth movements. • …

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The baby’s development and importance of stimulation during the first year of life

Why it is Important in nowadays societies? All parents want their infant to develop to their maximum potential. Now a day’s advanced perinatal care have improved chances of survival of newborns who would otherwise have succumbed. These survivors are identified with problems later on. Often such problems are identified quite late, may be at school …

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Mother and baby’s care

The first six weeks following your baby’s birth is called the postpartum period. These weeks are important as your body recovers after childbirth. Recovery Care Immediately after Delivery During your initial recovery, your blood pressure, heart rate and temperature will be monitored closely for the first two hours. Your fundus, or the top of your …

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For new mothers and new fathers

The arrival of a new baby can cause lots of sudden change in a family. Before the baby is born, parents typically spend a lot of attention and energy on preparations. After the baby arrives, much of the family’s attention involves meeting the newborn’s basic needs. In this lesson there are steps you can follow …

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How To Swaddle A Baby?

Swaddle the baby is an ancient technique, which has been used again in recent years to calm and give security to newborn babies, giving them a comfort similar to that of the mother’s womb. When the baby is born, he comes out of a little bag in which he felt warm and protected and, upon …

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Preparing to be new parents

The biggest decision in our life is to be a parent. It is a miracle decision because you provide the life continuity. During this impressive process, new parents need to prepare their self for huge changes in their life. According to contemporary studies about parenting process, in this lesson you will learn useful tips how …

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Weekly Pregnancy Guide

Are you browsing for a week by week guide of pregnancy? Then you are in the right place. Here we are going to tell you what changes will be going to happen inside your body as well as outside of your body at each trimester or week. Pregnancy begins when an egg from female and …

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For the first six months of your baby’s life, breast milk was all she needed to grow and be healthy. Now, at about 6 months old, she is likely ready to eat solid foods. Breast milk is still the most important food, but you can now add solid foods during her feedings. Parents are first …


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